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ByKhuyen Oct 21, 2016

Meet up tonight Oct 21 (Thao Dien, D2): No one cares about you

Don't get me wrong! I know that there are people who cares about you. What I mean is: like when I organize this meet up, I expect people to

ByKhuyen Oct 19, 2016

Share with me your Ideas for meet up

Hello,   Are you looking for a meet up to meet people?   I’m organizing a new meet up, I’m looking for people who want

ByKhuyen Oct 19, 2016

Update about Meet up Mind & Heart

I want to say thank to 7 people who came and joined the meet up on the evening of Oct 14. I just want to write to all of you a short update abou

ByKhuyen Oct 11, 2016

Meet up: Mind & Heart / Gặp gỡ: Trái tim và lý trí

If I have to describe myself in a shortest way, I must say that my life is usually the ‘fight’ between mind and heart. Many times I let

ByKhuyen Jul 16, 2016

Everything is cheap   I have heard myself as well as people said when buying something saying that it is

ByKhuyen Jul 15, 2016

Where are you in your life?     You feel tired, confuse, frustrated in your life? You feel that you are in a circle of go

ByKhuyen Jul 14, 2016

Chia sẻ về cuộc sống

Chào các bạn, Mình dự định sẽ thu video những chia sẻ của mình về cuộc sống. Và mình muốn dùng video đầu tiên

ByKhuyen Jul 14, 2016

Tại sao bạn tốt mà cuộc sống của bạn lại không tốt?     Đầu tiên mình muốn kể với bạn một câu chuyện là: có một người chồn